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Couldn't find any site related section, so I'll just post it here 🙂

Not that I particularly wish to start the 3dx tradition of complaining about everything here right away, but still...

Currently the forum seems to be made more for the design than for a practical use. And I could probably live without the usual IPB/phpBB/etc. common features, but one thing is extremely annoying — it's the transition between pages that takes about 6–8 seconds every time, while usually it should take about 1 or 2. Can we please have the FX disableable in the settings or something? 🙂 Even with the current few number of topics it was pretty frustrating to navigate the site.


Thanks Alex for your post,

Sure, actually we work again on the forum.
I will add this feature very soon. 🙂



Hi Alex

I will do an optimization at the level of the website today it may be that at times the website behaves strangely in the day



Hey 🙂

Mostly it's the FX that takes the time (fade-in, fade-out).

Also, all smileys are being converted to a broken symbol, but I guess that's still a wip 🙂

The Beta access button on the site leads to a 404 error. It can probably scare some people ))

Hi Alex
I'm working on it 🙂


Oh, the beta access is sorta already there ) But it's asking for a "Name" and a "First name", which is confusing, I suppose it should be "Last name" of "Family name" 😉

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