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22/07/2017 3:14  

I consider some simple function about mastering how your appear as status  when you are in Game as a "Must Have".

Having the capacity to appear offline despite being online is something I have dreamed several time in my "today's world" (not to name 3dxchat ).

Reason are multiple : being dedicated to someone / Mood / ...

Something like minimum 3 levels :

Online / do not disturb / Offline (even being online).

In "do not disturb you", maybe we could receive pm from you friends.

So many people create second avatar just to be able when their mood is so-so to be alone that status should help to cover this.

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22/07/2017 4:43  

I second this idea. The social and sex games that I have played do not give you this option. You cannot change onli e status on 3dx and on SL, you can only stay in busy status until you move, which still displays you as online. Likewise, do not disturb still allows people to see that you are online. It just gives them a busy message when they IM you. Sometimes you just need to go ghost for a bit.

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