Dear devs.  


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27/09/2017 4:25  

I like many other people here on this forum, came here excited about the game that for us is supposed to be the new and refined 3dx replacement... so we finally can pack our bags and leave that place and stop paying those lazy devs our money.

I have been following you since the beta countdown had 100 days or so on the other site. And like many other got disappointed when that countdown lead to nothing, but still we knew that not every thing goes according to plans, so it was okay.

But it has been what, 5-6 months since that count down started... What do you have to show for it?...
-a few renders. 
-un-skinned basic 3d models for the avatars.
- cinema demo.
- demo of the island that was bought from asset store, and then pulled out of the game for "reasons"

In our eyes, it wouldn't be a stretch to say that your game is still kind of on paper.
not 50% done, and certainly not close to beta phase.

Which is ironic especially when one of you was on 3dx forums, heavily criticizing the devs for being lazy and boasting about how easy it's to create content.
For me personally, I am starting to get the same bad taste that was left in my mouth by 3dx devs that brought me here.

Yes I know I know you don't have the funding they have.

You need to get us excited about what you are working on.
keep us more in the loop about what's happening, we don't need to see final polished stuff, just show us more frequent updates to let us know that there's progress.
maybe do like a weekly or 2 weekly vlogs with one of you narrating stuff and showing direct video footage from 3ds max or what ever software you are using.
release a real playable version, that's not a room behind closed door,  doesn't need to be beta even, alpha works.

Show us that you are really doing progress, then open a crowd funding website... I am sure a lot of people wont mind patreon'ing, when they see and feel that you are serious about this and that you are making real progress, rather than making promises.


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27/09/2017 5:23  

I agree. I have been around for a while supporting the project with my time here on the forum and by advertising through 3dx even to get people here. I understand the postponement of the beta. Stuff happens and I know a lot of responsibilities got shifted around. But as a volunteer member of the "team," I am concerned about the progress being made on this game. True, we lack the funding of a 3dx, but you guys have been at this a while and we still don't have skinned avatars. And if 5 levels are complete, why don't we have 5 level demos available?

On a side note, there are 3 mods and I feel like i'm the only one who does anything on the forum. Also, one of you guys speaks German and the other speaks French. You know the team posts nearly everything in French and I don't speak it. I have to address everyone's concerns with whatever info I can translate from the discord, since I don't speak the language. And the info I have seems paltry in comparison to what I should have. If we "have" 3 mods and only one spends the time on the forum to talk to everyone and give them the info they have about the game's progress, do we really have 3 mods?


A disgruntled mod who does her best to help.


Edit: It would help if you gave our 3rd mod the proper title on the forum. All of us are in the mod group on the dev discord, but one of us does not have the matching title on here. And I don't have administrative permissions to fix that.

And one more thing: I opened a thread in the dev forum almost a month ago and nobody replied yet. Could somebody get on that, please?

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