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[Sticky] Read First: Forum Rules  


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28/07/2017 6:18 pm  

I hate to have to post this thread but there is someone on here who ignores basic forum etiquette so it must be done (Not that it shouldn't be done anyway). Before I start typing rules up, I would like the welcome other mods and devs to add to or edit this post as deemed necessary. The is merely a preliminary set of rules.

1. Be respectful of others at all times. If you have differing opinions, don't go for ad hominems to prove your point. Agree to disagree. We're all adults here... hopefully.

2. If you are starting a new thread and are unsure if you placed it in the right forum, write us a note at the end or beginning of your post and we will gladly move it for you if it is misplaced.

3. This builds on 1. Don't disrespect the staff. They work very hard to do make the game and added emotional distress from people behind a keyboard really isn't needed here.

4. Do not place advertisements on people's threads! We may eventually make a forum for spam. But for now, please avoid advertising on our site.

5. Please try to avoid double-posting. The forums have an edit function and delete function for the purposes of adding on and deleting an accidental double-post, respectfully.

6. Suggestions! We want to see them! I made a thread specifically for them! Don't be afraid to post there! I check it daily.

7. Have some fun! Forums are pretty boring and mundane, I know. Flirty and playful banter is encourages as long as it doesn't become offensive.

8. If you have questions, ask us! We have a Q&A towards the bottom of the forum specifically for that.

Thanks for reading, everyone And have fun! 🙂

ATTN DEVS: Feel free to edit and/or add to this post as deemed necessary.

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