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About Me: The Origin And Evolution Of NonyDripmore (An0nym0us)  


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06/07/2017 10:43 pm  

Hello all, An0nym0us here with another new thread. This one is about the origin of my online persona and how it became what it is now. Note that this is my online persona and much of this post will not be representative of the trials and tribulations that real life has presented me with.

The name "An0nym0us" sprung to mind when I was first creating my SL account, which now sees no use. It was designed to create a mysterious air about myself, showing that I didn't care too much for presenting my real life to people in a virtual world. Likewise, i didn't care to ask others about their real lives. You shared whatever you voluntarily shared with me and that's it. SL is called what it is for a reason. After all, it's one's "Second Life," so why taint your fantasy life with rl dilemmas?

Anyways, two weeks into my time on SL, I discovered a social/sex club called "Limelight." The people were very friendly there and I had already spent a significant amount of change making my avatar look sexy, so I needed a source of income to keep myself from spending all my money on this game. So I submitted an application for employment there and was interviewed within a couple of days since it was difficult to sync up with the manager.

She hired me on the spot and I started working on my "character." I decided I would wear a mask covering the top half of my face with my outfits, furthering the sense of my anonymity. The gimmick worked well and drew in decent crowds, even though i was "chained to the pole and I was learning how to emote, which took about 2 weeks time.

After that, I slowly began raking in tips with my click to use animations and increasing tempting skill, to the point that I was pulling in tips like nobody's business and within a month of picking up on emoting, i became a "star dancer." At this point, I wasn't your average Jane in the club; I had status. I was allowed to dance on the dance floor and mingle with the guests and still earn tips. And the dancers in the club nicknamed me "Nony" and it stuck.

Other girls and even some guys (who were sparse but nice to look at) were asking me for emoting advice. They looked up to me and that made me feel good. So I taught them what I knew and many of them grew to stardom like me 😁

Now I was in the zone and I became a successful and desired hostess for parties as well. Management took notice of how well I was doing and how much others liked and respected me. This wasn't all because I was some hot pixels with a mask though; I held a conversation well, particularly when it came to philosophy and gaming and other things pertaining to computers, which was well received so well that i reached 2nd on the all-time list of best dancers (I would have never caught up to first unless she quit. She was there since they opened and I was but a young grasshopper).

So 4 months after I became a "star," I was offered a promotion. They wanted me to be their next "director," which is their title for an assistant manager. I jumped at the opportunity and did quite well in that position for about two months. Then the drama of the position set in and piled up day after day and after two weeks, I threw in the towel. There was already enough drama in real life. I quit. 

About 2 weeks before I quit, I was already looking elsewhere for fun things to do and I had set my sights on the SL porn industry. My avatar was already about as hot as it gets from all of the money I made from Limelight and guys and gals alike were calling my avatar the hottest avatar they had ever seen, so the transition seemed appropriate. Note that this is where my last name "Dripmore" came in. I also ditched the masks. So now I'm an aspiring porn actress by the name of "Nony Dripmore." Pretty slick, right? 😉

Then I met up with a few studios and did some photo shoots and I was enjoying it to start, hoping to work my way up to film. Most of the studios ended up being one time shoots for fun. Another just didn't work out due to time zone differences. But the last one did, for the most part. I was well liked by the bosses (and well filled) and was later promoted to "Exective Director for North America." They were a mainly European company.

But this is where my falling out with SL began. The work ran dry and there were no film shoots to be found. RP even got boring because of the 00's graphics, not no mention scarce.

But then I found 3dx Chat and named myself "NonyDripmore" (the obvious move) and continued along the same path. Still looking around to make porn films but I'm having plenty of RP in the meantime, and I also know a number of intellectual people on there, so good conversation doesn't run dry. The only things missing are... Content and Immersion. The game is seriously lacking in the content department by any measurement (and why do i always have to walk around on tiptoe?).

Then I found a thread on the 3dx forum about an upcoming social game being lead by FrenchTouchs. She mentioned she needed an English forum moderator and I liked what I was seeing from the production to date. So I joined the team, where I currently go by "An0nym0us" because I thought there would be some kids checking out this game but for now at least, that doesn't seem to be the case.

So my name in game will be "Nony Dripmore" for old time's sake, unless I say otherwise. And I may change my forum name to that too. But I haven't decided on that.


PS: Sorry this post was so long. I just couldn't think of how to give you all the whole story in a shorter, more succinct fashion.

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