Emote on Forum - Editing an existing message  


I maybe am not very talented (mm in fact it is SURE that I am not) but

1) I do not find how to add emote in a forum message

2) I do not find if I can edit a message I have already published to correct it (typo ...)

Is there a way to do this today ? tomorrow ?

(I use chrome as browser)


Coucou Dee

pour les emotes il suffit que tu l’écrit directement 🙂 <:)> sans les <>

pour éditer en bas a droite sous ton nom 



d'accord merci Heimdall.

Pour l'édition, j'ai l'impression que je peux éditer que tant que quelqu'un a pas répondu. Mais une fois une réponse faite, je vois plus le bouton edit.

For edition, I have the feeling that as long as nobody has answered my post I can edit, but once someone  has answered, I cannot edit anymore.


You can definitely edit your own posts. I don't see why you wouldn't be allowed to edit your posts that have been replied to, but I also didn't make the group rules and I am not familiar with the "member" rules in that much detail. 

And with regard to emoticons, what Heimdall said.

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