boot un joueur dans nos room !  


Bonjour  à tous , ma question est simple  pourra t'on  Boot  un joueur dans nos room  , si il cherche des ennuies  dans le jeu ?  bonne  journée  au Membre  et toute l'équipe  

Hello everyone, my simple question will be Boot a player in our room, if he is looking for boredom in the game? good day to the Member and the whole team

Pour se qui confonde monde virtuel et monde réel faite vous un objectif je ne mélange pas ces deux chose ma vie privée ne concerne que moi et ma famille !


Bonjour Brunella,

By boot I understand you mean kick out someone from your private room.

I definitively agree with you.

This option should be allowed to the room owner.

In an additionnal function, I also would like to have a temporary ignore. Be able to put someone in an "ignore status" but lasting only 2 hours and automatically cancelled.

Full ignore is too hard in many case. Manually decide to remove who from your ignore list is often out ot your memory. 

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